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1. Each player is allowed to have only one account per realm (§4 pkt VIII, §5 pkt I ROWU).

If the Operator sees that you have more than one account (so called multi-accounts) they will ban all your accounts permanently. Reporting the fact that more than one player plays from your IP does not allow you to have more than one account..

2. In case when more than one person plays from the same IP or computer on one realm, you are obliged to report this fact to the Operator. (§4 pkt VIIIa ROWU).

This report does not allow you to have more than one account. If you are seen to play on more than one, all your account will be banned permanently.

3. Showing your account password to other people may compromise the security of your account (§5 pkt II ROWU), and also:
a) you are the only person who can take care of your account (do quests, attack others, join sieges etc.),
b) no one else is allowed to log into your account (unless they do so to turn on vacation mode)

If other persons log into your account (so called account sitting) depending on the number of such logins your account will be banned for from 2 days to permament ban.

4. You are not allowed to trade if the benefactor of the trade is only one of the accounts (§4 pkt IX ROWU). It means that you cannot:
a) sell / buy for exceptionally low prices ("my friend sold me for half the price"),
b) sell / buy for exceptionally high prices ("I wanted my friend to have some points/stones"),
c) give away your points of progress, stones and items (even if you want to delete your character).

When such a trade is discovered you and the person you have traded with will be banned temporarily (7 days or more) or permanently. If you are not sure of the price of the item (especially if the items is rare, in other cases the evaluation sub-forum may help) you can send a private message on the forums to the Operator asking if the price you have offered/been offered is ok.

5. Any loans and buying in installments must be reported to the Operator. Buying in installments from someone playing from the same IP is not allowed.

A detailed list on all prohibited actions may be found in the Game Regulations.